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Complete Roofing Installation Services in Orlando & the Surrounding Areas

Are you building your new home or business from the ground up? Do you need a new roof to finish off your remodeling project? Or is it time to have your old roof replaced? Any time you need a new roof installed in Orlando, turn to the professionals at Wolfpack Construction. We use the highest-quality materials available to build beautiful, durable roofs customized to the unique needs of your residential or commercial property. For generations, our family has passed down their knowledge of quality roofing, and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you by giving you the stunning new roof you deserve.

A high-quality roof from Wolfpack Construction is the perfect finishing touch for any residential or commercial property. Contact our Orlando office at (407) 449-8228 today to get started on your roof installation with a free estimate!

We Know What It Takes to Build a Perfect Roof

From selecting the perfect materials to ensuring every last shingle is placed perfectly and properly secured, Wolfpack Construction knows what it takes to ensure the roofs we install are the best around. We’ll take everything from weather exposure to your personal taste into account to build you the perfect roof in Orlando — we guarantee it!

Our roofers will take into account:

  • What kind of weather your roof will have to stand up against
  • What kind of overall look you want to achieve
  • The amount of maintenance you’ll be able to give your roof
  • How long you need your roof to last
  • And other key factors!

How Long Does a Roof Installation Typically Take?

The duration of a roof installation can vary based on several factors, including the size and complexity of the roof, the type of roofing material being used, weather conditions, and the efficiency of the roofing crew.

On average, a straightforward asphalt shingle roof installation for a typical residential home may take anywhere from a few days to a week.

Here are some factors that can influence the timeline:

  1. Size of the Roof: Larger roofs naturally take more time to install than smaller ones.
  2. Roof Complexity: A roof with multiple angles, dormers, or intricate designs may require more time for installation.
  3. Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions such as rain, strong winds, or extreme temperatures can slow down the installation process. Roofing work is typically delayed during inclement weather to ensure safety and quality.
  4. Type of Roofing Material: Different roofing materials have varying installation requirements. For example, installing metal roofing or tile may take longer than installing asphalt shingles.
  5. Preparation and Cleanup: Time is also needed for the preparation of the roof deck, removal of the existing roofing material (if applicable), and the cleanup process.
  6. Contractor Efficiency: The speed and efficiency of the roofing crew can impact the installation timeline. Experienced and well-equipped contractors may complete the job more quickly.

It's important to discuss the expected timeline with your chosen roofing contractor during the initial consultation. Keep in mind that unexpected issues or weather delays can extend the project timeline.

Good communication with the contractor throughout the process can help manage expectations and keep you informed about the progress.

Roof Installations Tailored to the Needs of Your Orlando Property

A roof is more than just a shield against the elements — depending on how it’s made and what it’s made of, a roof can assist with ventilation, insulation, and other key processes. Your home and your business may need different things from their roofs, and that's okay, because Wolfpack Construction will always offer custom-tailored roofing solutions that make sure those needs are met. Our team is trained to construct and install all types of residential and commercial roofs in Orlando, so whatever type is best for you, we’ve got it covered.

Whether you need a new roof for your home or your business, Wolfpack Construction has everything you need in one place. Call (407) 449-8228 or send us a message online today to start consulting with our Orlando roof installation team!

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